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Since more than a decade, the founders at 4Tracks have  been providing regional trucking services. 4Tracks has grown from just 18 tractors and 32 employees to over 200 tractor trailers.

One of the largest Truckload Carriers in Canada today, 4Tracks serves Canada and the United states.

As a high-service, dependable and value creating supply chain partner, we offer full truckload service, full service logistics, dedicated fleet operations, yard management and warehousing & distribution.


Shortly about us

Our history

Jas Brar, the founder of 4Tracks Ltd., has stayed true to his efforts and commitment to succeed in the transportation industry. "Trucking is not an easy business but it's great work if you have an interest and the focus to make a living in this business. It gets you going," he says. "Trucking requires a lot of labour and capital where practical situations matter. Since I have been in this business for so long I cannot think of doing something else."

He has shown great focus on customer service and ensuring quality services, has tremendous respect for his employees, suppliers and customers, and led 4Tracks extremely successfully for the past decade. 

New world, new life, new business

Together with a highly knowledgeable staff, Jas began building 4Tracks and has grown it expansively throughout North America. Jas and the 4Tracks staff is continuously working hard to offer more quality services to its customers and enhancing existing servers through innovative use of technology and trucking standards.

Jas Brar