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Utilizing latest fleet of trucks for better service and safe delivery

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Professional and Trained drivers who work efficiently and understand priorities

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Use our services for all type of transportation needs

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Safe Delivery

Our people are our success

from our highly trained and experienced staff to our approach to quality service.

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    New Fleet

    We operate a new fleet of trucks and use latest technology to ensure high quality & safe delivery of customer goods and shipment.

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    Expert & Friendly Staff

    Our staff is highly experienced in the trucking industry is highly motivated to resolve any issues that might affect any customer delivery.

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    Safe Delivery

    We employ truck drivers with years of driving experience who are aware of rules and regulations across North America for safe shipment delivery.

Safe Delivery

An essential element to 4Tracks business philosophy is a clear understanding of the importance and urgency of effective systems of delivery. 4Tracks actively ensures timely delivery by focusing attention on the individual transportation requirements of our customers. In simple terms, both distribution and sales are dependent upon the ability to deliver these products to our customers.

The overall cost of transportation can often play a significant role in the delivery model. By remaining aware of this, 4Tracks continually focuses significant resources to help our customers reduce this portion of their cost. An example is our geographic reach providing effective cost delivery options.

This same fleet provides redundancy which minimizes the potential risk of missed or delayed deliveries. This is critical when responding to the emergency demands of our customers. Through years of hard work, expansion and acquisition, 4Tracks is positioned as an industry leader.

Another aspect of our delivery logistics is ensuring safe handling and transportation of the products that our customers trust us with. This includes coordinating the correct equipment with the particular BOL being shipped while also assisting customers with an understanding of effective storage and handling options. At the same time, 4Tracks is always seeking new shipment and logistics innovations that will provide savings to our customers.

Dedicated 4Tracks employees are prepared to identify and resolve supply challenges. This is supported by a corporate willingness to make appropriate capital commitments to address delivery issues. These factors contribute to 4Tracks success in becoming an industry leader and a preferred transporter.


Regulatory Awareness

Drivers with experience!

  • North American regulations
  • Truckers with customs experience
  • Exposure to winter driving rules
  • Restrictions and weight limitations

Maintenance and Support

Strong backend team support!

  • Quality communication options
  • Strong backend IT mechanisms
  • Proactive truck maintenance
  • Clean fleet with good records

Customer relationship

Maintaining quality customer service!

  • Prompt reply to inquiries
  • Faster quotes and follow-up
  • Clear Invoicing and descriptions
  • Timely delivery updates and status

Location based services

Better geographical reach!

  • North American coverage
  • Easy pickup and delivery
  • Location based tracking available
  • Promptly reach truck drivers